cat friendly

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” ― James Herriot


Cats are, well, different. Whether you’re a self confessed ‘cat person’ or your household plays host to dogs and cats (and whatever else!), you’ll know that cats are special. They like things their way, they don’t like to be manhandled or stressed and they certainly don’t want to be hassled by silly dogs.

We know this, in fact we embrace it. Because cats are different, we treat them differently.

We are working towards accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic. This is a detailed set of criteria dealing with how we look after our feline patients and the facilities we provide for them.

For example, cats have a separate waiting area out of sight of dogs. One consultation room is dedicated to cats only and if they need to stay with us, they have their own special hospital ward. But perhaps even more importantly, we try to make your cat’s time with us as stress free as possible with the way we approach and handle them.