The conversation we’ve had most often lately has been about how strange are the times we’re living in. As a country, we are all doing our best to keep this awful disease under control and #flattenthecurve.

We’ve introduced some new measures to try and make life easier for you, to adhere to the new guidelines, and to provide the best service we can under difficult circumstances.

We’re introducing video consultations. Ring us as usual if your pet is ill, and if it’s suitable we will set up a video consultation for you. There will be some cases that we will advise to come directly to the hospital, and some who may need to come in after the video consultation, or need medications collected, but some cases will be able to be resolved there and then.

All routine procedures including boosters, weight checks, nail clips and non-emergency operations are postponed for now. This will last as long as the government is enforcing the restrictions on non-essential travel. Puppies and kittens who are getting a primary vaccination course should still attend.

All prescription medications, preventative flea, tick, and worm treatments and pet food must be ordered in advance and we will organise a collection time for you. Please click here to order. We will request payment over the phone to enhance social distancing at this end.

Our opening hours are reduced to 10.00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, and 11:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday

For now, all our staff are on leave. We want them to be home and safe. As a result, Susie and Darren are the only staff in the building. We might be a little slow at getting stuff done, please bear with us!

Above all, stay safe, and mind yourselves and your loved ones. We are here if you need us.